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Active Vita

Orienteering Tights basic W


Oland model tights basic deliver the ideal combination of stretch and support. The Lycra from which the model is made not only makes you feel comfortable while wearing it, but also helps to preserve the environment, since it is made from 78% Recycled yarn.

Vita Fabric

Exceptional elasticity highly durable techno-fabric, soft and pleasant on the skin, compact and breathable, it is also highly UV protective.


features 200x200px-01.jpg
Sublimation Printing
features 200x200px-09.jpg
features 200x200px-03.jpg
features 200x200px-07.jpg
Quick Drying
features 200x200px-06.jpg
UV Protection
features 200x200px-05.jpg
Muscle Control
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Recycled Yarn

Available in Ladies - Juniors

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