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Oland is a European brand, which specializes in custom sportswear. The project is led by a team of experienced and ambitious people who believe that running, cycling and orienteering are a way of living. As a global brand, part of Scandinavia Clothing Company, we guarantee the high quality of our products.

At OLAND our main goal is to satisfy the needs of athletes. Every one of our clients can feel our passion for racing and competition built into the textiles of our products. OLAND works with athletes in order to understand their needs. Their meticulous testing and the resulting feedback help us improve constantly and thus to always offer the best products. Though the team behind the project is very experienced, OLAND is still a new brand, which is why we cannot show you a long history, but we promise that with your help, we are here for good and will make it worth remembering. Together!


Thank you for choosing OLAND!

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