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Hungarya Cup 2019! 7 reasons to join it!

Why does it worth to come to the Hungarian Cup this year held in the Southern Great Plains?


1. You can run in excellent terrain setted by Zoltán Miháczi, Gábor Forrai and Miklós Forrai.

2. You will get masterly made maps into your hands planned by Gábor Forrai, Miklós Forrai and Nádor Vancsik.

3. You can enter into the Saint Elizabeth Spa in Mórahalom for free of charge during the 6 days of the competition.

4. In every night after the prize giving ceremony you are kindly invited to come and have fun with the other sportmates in the special orienteering party in Mórahalom.

5. In 18 August you are given the chance to enter into the National Historical Park for free of charge and you can even watch the famous picture created by the well-known Hungarian artist, Árpád Feszty.

6. In every day there will be some addictional competition what you can participate in. (For example: night orienteering, orienteering hiking competition, mobile O competition, microspint, beer relay, radio orienteering run).

7. During the registration gift is given for every competitior.

The organizer team is waiting for you with lots of love!



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