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METVIGATOR October 2019- long distance urban x hill hybrid orienteering

What is different between orienteering & running?

A running race has a specified route, which all runners must take.

An orienteering race has a course but no specified route. Runners visit all checkpoints (control points) in order, and punch with an electronic card.

Orienteering was first experimented by Scandinavian athletic clubs. Later, orienteering separated from athletics as a sport of its own. Orienteering has benefited greatly from advances in mapping and equipment technology.

In 2019 Metvigator will be back in a different format. This time, Metvigator will be held as a Long Distance Urban + Hills Hybrid Orienteering Event. The entire course will be simple orienteering.

Choose your own route in this special running race! In an orienteering race, unlike running, you get to choose your own route with the help of a map.

The organizer team is waiting for you with lots of love!

Oland sports is official partner of the event

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