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Olandsport Ohrid Trail Official wear

Dear fans, we are happy to present you that the official OHRID TRAIL 2019 Runners T-shirt and bandana are made by OLANDsport! Ohrid Trail is an international event supported by the Delegation of the European Union. The event start at 25th of May! - you can register here

Olandsport Official Ohrid Trail jersey
Olandsport Official Ohrid Trail jersey

Olandsport custom teamwear offers high quality products for high quality events

Ohrid Trail offers 35km race and 65km race!

Ohrid Trail 35k and 60k are single-day sporting events – a trail running race with distance of 35 km and 60km and elevation gain of 1,470 m and 3,140m. The races takes place in the Galichica National Park – from Elshani village to city of Ohrid – in an area that is full with natural rarities and historical cultural monuments.

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