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Olandsport Silva O'Camp Official Merchandise

Every summer more than 170 young orienteers meet at the biggest training camp organised in the Czech Republic – SILVA O’Camp at Vidnava in northern Moravia.

We are glad with that for 5th year the organisators from Hana Oreinteeering choose Oland as a producer of the official clothes for the O'Camp.

The event start at 18th of July!

You can find more info here:

Silva O'Camp Official T-shirt
Silva O'Camp 2019 Official T-shirt

Olandsport custom teamwear offers high quality products for high quality events

The biggest training o'camp organised in the Czech Republic

The main idea is that people learn and get inspired from one another. The 30 years long history of the camp proved this concept right. More experienced children and youths often help their smaller and less experienced friends. This leads to making many new friendships, which often last for many years.

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