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Silva O´camp 2021

Summer will not be the same if you do not take part in the Silva O Camp, Vidanava, Czech Republic

Every summer more than 170 young orienteers meet at the biggest trainign camp organised in the Czech Republic – SILVA O’Camp at Vidnava in northern Moravia. The name for the camp was used for the first time in 1998, however the tradion of summer training camps organised by orienteers from the WOC 2008 host city Olomouc spans across much longer period.

Camp for Everyone

Since the very beginning the camp the organisers have promoted and realised the idea of an orienteering camp for all young people interested in the sport. For this reason they decided to work with rather unusual large age spectrum of the participants – group of children aged between 8 to 18 years of age. Such factor innevitably makes their work more complicated – there’s a big difference between preparing an activity plan for small children compared to preparing such a plan for teenagers, who have different ideas about how to have fun and how to enjoy themselves. Trainees in the camp range from very beginners to experienced orienteers, such as ex. junior National Team runners. However, the main idea is that people learn and get inspired from one another. The 30 years long history of the camp proved this concept right. More experienced hildren and youths often help their smaller and less experienced friends. This leads to making many new friendships, which often last for many years. However, the participants of the camp train and do other sport activities while divided into different teams of at about 15 members, according to orienteering skills and fitness of the participants. This gives them a chance to compete against and compare their results with mates who are on the same sporting level.

Do you want to join Silva O´camp 2021? The biggest youth orienteering camp in the world? Write to the organisators Haná Orienteering or contact your country ambassador. If you not sure who should you contact, don´t hesistate to send an email to

The O-shirts 2021 design is also ready! Oland sport is the official partner for the production of the new official SILVA O'Camp Vidnava clothes!

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